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Private Membership

  • Membership to our Private Practice gives significant discounts on consultations and a wide range of services.

New Malden Diagnostic Centre

  • Linked to The Groves Medical Centre is the New Malden Diagnostic Centre which allows for quick and easy diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses on site, without having to deal with lengthy hospital waiting times.

The Groves for Business

  • We provide excellent healthcare for those at work. From pre-employment medicals, documentation, occupational health and comprehensive medical checks, our healthcare packages are versatile for all business men and women.

Sameday Doctor

  • Being able to see a GP instantly is not always a service available. With increasing numbers of patients, it isn’t always convenient to see your local doctor. Sameday Doctor offers a three-tier approach to healthcare, a Private Doctor walk-in clinic, instant sexual health advice and treatment, and travel vaccinations with no waiting.

The Thames Clinic

  • The Thames Clinic is a private Alcohol and Drug Detox Clinic located close to the city of London, offering a Free Clinical Assessment to those who think they need to be entered onto a rehabilitation programme. The Groves has close ties to The Thames Clinic, as Dr Jeremy Harris is an affliated partner and instrumental in its establishment.


Home Website

NHS Health Checks

  • NHS Health Checks are available free to those who qualify between the ages of 40 and 74. They are designed to assess the risk of developing health problems.

NHS Conditions Search

  • The NHS home website gives a comprehensive guide to a variety of medical conditions.

NHS Registration Details

  • How to register with The Groves Medical Centre as a new patient.

New Patient Registration Form            

  • This PDF form is available to download and print for potential new patients who want to register with The Groves.   

On-Site Pharmacy

  • The Groves Medical Centre has an on-site Pharmacy as one of its many facilities.


The Ultimate Guide To Travel Vaccines

Find all information here

New Malden Information

  • Some general details about the history and community of the New Malden area.

New Malden People

  • Local news, events and details specifically about businesses in New Malden.

New Malden Vets

  • Healthcare is for animals as well as people, and patients new to the area are keen to provide the best of health for the whole family.

New Malden Library

  • Some details about the local library, including opening times, accessibility and the services they provide.

Malden Leisure Centre

  • Providing fitness and wellbeing facilities for the area, including time tables, workout classes and current offers.

About The Groves – Private Medical Services

The Groves is unique in the range and quality of services we provide here, including the full range of diagnostic services from blood analysis and onsite mammography, right through to MRI scans, an onsite pharmacy, and, in addition, more than 60 specialist practitioners who provide consultations and a wide range of treatments at The Groves. Our aim wherever possible is to diagnose and treat of all your health needs in a single visit.

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