Medical Reporting

Doctors at The Groves are regularly engaged by solicitors, Counsel, insurers, the police and private clients to provide independent expert opinions for the Court or other requirements of the legal process.

We draw on an extensive range of independent medical expertise, and are known for our integrity and impartiality in the medical opinions we give, whether providing reports for claimants or defendants, employers or employees.

Information on the following will be included in reports as of required:

  • Fitness for specific rolereports
  • Expected return to work date
  • Proactive rehabilitation advice
  • Implications of the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Recommended attendance or capability targets
  • Likelihood of future absences
  • If the condition is work related
  • What reasonable adjustments are indicated
  • Advice to Managers regarding any medical condition

For further information, please call us on 020 8336 6550.

About The Groves – Private Medical Services

The Groves is unique in the range and quality of services we provide here, including the full range of diagnostic services from blood analysis and onsite mammography, right through to MRI scans, an onsite pharmacy, and, in addition, more than 60 specialist practitioners who provide consultations and a wide range of treatments at The Groves. Our aim wherever possible is to diagnose and treat of all your health needs in a single visit.

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