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health-check_1448061a-300x187At The Groves we offer health screens to cover all requirements. Some screens are appropriate for particular situations, others are advisable as a general precaution at different times of life. All our screens are thorough and efficient, with rapid turnaround of results. Whether for deciding on options and treatment for specific conditions, or just for peace of mind, The Groves health screens have an important part to play in keeping you in the best of health.

Our standard health screens are listed here. In addition it may be appropriate for you to have additional tests, such as an Osteoporosis screen and bone profile, allergy tests or an endocrine profile. Please let us know if you have any special requirements, so that your doctor can advise on any additional tests that may be included to suit your needs.

Fees for Health Screens at The Groves can be found here.

General Health
* If appropriate

Sexual Health Screens

treatment-roomOur doctors have special training in sexual health and we provide a rapid sexual health screening service in complete confidence. The tests in our standard sexual health screens listed here involve taking urine samples and, in the Complete screens, bloods and swabs. The blood results will be available the same day if done before 1pm. Culture results from swabs and urine take 72 hours.

In addition to the standard screens we can test for specific conditions such as herpes or human papilloma virus, or design a combination screen to suit your particular needs.

Sexual Health


About The Groves – Private Medical Services

The Groves is unique in the range and quality of services we provide here, including the full range of diagnostic services from blood analysis and onsite mammography, right through to MRI scans, an onsite pharmacy, and, in addition, more than 60 specialist practitioners who provide consultations and a wide range of treatments at The Groves. Our aim wherever possible is to diagnose and treat of all your health needs in a single visit.

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