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The Groves provides top-of-the-range medical services for employers, industry and the legal process, from certification for lorry drivers and oil and gas employees to enabling your staff to operate in far-flung locations; our range of medical checks, from pre-employment medicals to executive health screening, helping you to get the best out of your people. We provide a comprehensive medical reporting service for solicitors and insurers, helping to deliver just outcomes with independent medical evidence.

file5651263252165Employees are the most valuable asset an organisation has. Sickness absence and poor employee health pose a risk to business in terms of lost productivity and direct costs. Companies working with Occupational Health professionals can see significant reductions in Health insurance and civil claims due to injury and gain dramatic savings through reduced sickness absence and all over increased productivity.

Executive health screens are recommended for employees over the age of 40 routinely, but can be carried out for younger employees too. Typically these medicals will take a similar format to the standard practice health screens, but they can also be tailored to meet the specific needs and budget of a company.

Many industries and organisations, of course have particular, often highly specialised requirements. To discuss how we can support your organisation’s medical needs, please call us on 020 8336 6550.

About The Groves – Private Medical Services

The Groves is unique in the range and quality of services we provide here, including the full range of diagnostic services from blood analysis and onsite mammography, right through to MRI scans, an onsite pharmacy, and, in addition, more than 60 specialist practitioners who provide consultations and a wide range of treatments at The Groves. Our aim wherever possible is to diagnose and treat of all your health needs in a single visit.

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